Gandalf Caricature Commission

A watercolor commission of Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings series. A very fun caricature commission to create. Don’t hesitate to contact me for your own private commissions so you can have a very unique piece art displaying in your home!

Some info on Gandalf –

Gandalf the Grey was the last of the Istari landing in the Havens of Mithlond. He seemed the oldest and least in stature of them, but Círdan the Shipwright felt that he had the highest inner greatness on their first meeting in the Havens, and gave him Narya, the Ring of Fire. Saruman, the chief Wizard, later learned of the gift and resented it. Gandalf hid the ring well, and it was not widely known until he left with the other ring-bearers at the end of the Third Age that he, and not Círdan, was the holder of the third of the Elven-rings.

Gandalf’s relationship with Saruman, the head of their Order, was strained. The Wizards were commanded to aid Men, Elves, and Dwarves, but only through counsel; it was forbidden to use force to dominate them — an injunction that Saruman increasingly disregarded.

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