Down Time Caricature Salt Lake City

This is an acrylic painting I created for the South Jordan Art contest.  It was a great learning experience in using exaggerating in a non traditional way.  My inspiration was from artist Gabe Leonard who has a great style using exaggeration not just with facial features but with all physical features.  I hope to create more traditional paintings  while using this exaggerated style.

I’m based in Salt Lake City, so, don’t hesitate to contact me for your own custom caricature.

Gabe Leonard’s Bio:

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Live Digital Caricatures

Digital caricatures are fantastic for trade-shows and business conferences.  The digital caricatures showcased here where from the recent Americans for Arts conference (NAMPC) in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Guests were drawn and able to display there caricature in their conference lanyards adding to the fun atmosphere! Not only do guests receive a photo print of their caricature but can download a digital copy as well.

Book your live digital caricature event today!!

Americans for the Arts background –

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Personalized Caricatures

Be sure to request your own personalized caricature.  Doug can create almost any action, scene, event, etc. to give your caricature a personal touch.  Caricatures are a great, unique gift idea and can be created some just a few photos. Caricatures can used as your avatar,  on Christmas cards, logos,  invitations, banners, and much more.  Inquire today about your own personalized caricature.

Jota Leal is one of my favorite caricature artists.  Here’s his Bio:

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Custom Utah Caricature Commissions

Looking for a new and unique gift.  Commission a custom caricature today.  Doug Stout is one of Utah’s top Caricature artists and you won’t be disappointed with the final results of your own commissioned art piece.  Utah Caricature is growing and caricatures are being used for all types of events.  Birthdays, retirement parties, corporate events, wedding receptions, trade shows, and much more. Browse through Doug’s portfolio and start the creative process today by contacting him at Doug has been creating Utah Caricature for over 10 years now and can caricature just about anything.

Tom Richmond, a well known caricature and Mad Magazine artist, describes caricature art this way –

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