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Get a unique and creative caricature today by artist Doug Stout from Salt Lake City Utah. He specializes in creating amazing caricature art work which take on the personality of the person being drawn.  Custom caricatures can be either humorous, dramatic, inspiring, or symbolic in nature.

It’s an easy process to get your unique gift. First contact Doug for the initial sketch.  Following a reply, email Doug 3-4 photos of the subject.  Make sure the photos are clear and represent a good likeness of the person to be drawn.  Close-up shots are best and it’s nice to see any personality if possible. Along with the photos describe any background elements, props, wording you would like to accompany the image.  It’s not necessary to have any background elements, props, etc.  Sometimes just a simple caricature  is best.  Once the photos are received Doug will created a quick sketch and for your approval before starting any art work.  Once the sketch is approved a quote will be given plus a time frame of how long it will take.

Quotes will vary depending on the amount of detail of the caricature art requested. Basically, there are 4 categories:

1) Traditional black and white marker, carnival style, on quality paper.- prices range from $20-$40

2) Traditional color using a range of mediums (pencils, markers, acrylics, watercolors, etc) – prices range from $30 and on up.

3) Digital black and white – prices range from $25-$75.  Final image is usually emailed but can be printed and delivered for a small fee.

4) Digital color – prices range from $45 and on up depending on level of detail.

Simple caricatures will take approximately 2 days to complete. Mid range detailed drawings can take between 2-5 days while more complex images can be upwards of 2-3 weeks.  Most if not all caricatures are copyright free unless it will be reused for product branding, magazine articles, etc.

So, give it a try and see what your caricature will look like!! Inquire anytime through our contact page.

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